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List Description
CAS-BIOL-CABSURC [no description available]
CAS-BIOL-WCBSURC [no description available]
CAS-COMM-FAC Communication Department Faculty ListServ
CAS-COMM-Honors Communication Honor Society Mailing List
CAS-COMM-ReEntryRep Re-entry Reporting Collaboration
CAS-COMM-TT Communication Department Tenure & Tenure-Track Faculty ListServ
CAS-DeptChairs The CAS Deptartment Chairs email list.
Centers-Ignatian-ICJENews Newsletter distribition list for the Ignatian Center to external contacts
Centers-MCAE-25th Invitee list for Ethics Center 25th anniversary
Centers-MCAE-CBL Markkula Center for Applied Ethics CBL Program List
Centers-MCAE-Conscience Interest in Conscience
Centers-MCAE-ECenters Directors of ethics centers
Centers-MCAE-Educ Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Education Events List
Centers-MCAE-Ethics Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Centers-MCAE-EthicsNews Ethics Center's NewsLetter Invites
Centers-MCAE-Gov-SantaClara Government Ethics list for Santa Clara County members
Centers-MCAE-Government Markkula Center for Government Ethics
Centers-MCAE-Immigration Interest in Immigration
Centers-MCAE-IT Markkula Center for Applied Ethics IT Events List
Centers-MCAE-JesBusDeans Communications with the members of IAJBS attending conference in Uruguay
Centers-MCAE-MDR Professors Interested in Internet Ethics
Centers-MCAE-MDRSoftware Software Engineering Ethics Letters List
Centers-MCAE-Nonprofits Nonprofits mailing List
Centers-MCAE-Partnership Markkula Center's Business Ethics Partnership
Centers-MCAE-PartnershipPC For the Markkula Center's Business Ethics Partnership's primary contacts
Centers-MCAE-Public Markkula Center for Applied Ethics Public List
Centers-MCAE-Sports SCU MCAE Sports Ethics List
Centers-Miller-AbSupport Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Advisory Board Support Staff
Centers-Miller-AdvBoard Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Advisory Board
Centers-Miller-DevTeam List for Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Development/OMC Team
Centers-Miller-StudentTeam List for Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship Auxiliary Staff Members
Centers-Miller-Team List for all Core Staff at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship
ENGR-COEN233-Fall2014 Computer Networks Course student list 2014
Gvrn-StfSen-ArtsSci Staff Senate list representing Arts_and_Sciences
Gvrn-StfSen-Athl Staff Senate list representing Athletics
Gvrn-StfSen-AuxServ Staff Senate list representing Auxilliary_Services
Gvrn-StfSen-BusnSchl Staff Senate list representing Business_School
Gvrn-StfSen-Communications Staff Senate Communications Committee list
Gvrn-StfSen-CommunityService Staff Senate CommunityService Committee list
Gvrn-StfSen-ECPPM Staff Senate list representing Education_Counseling_Psych_and_Pastoral_Ministry
Gvrn-StfSen-Elections Staff Senate Elections Committee list
Gvrn-StfSen-Engr Staff Senate list representing Engineering
Gvrn-StfSen-Events Staff Senate Events Committee list
Gvrn-StfSen-ExecCommittee Staff Senate Executive Committee list
Gvrn-StfSen-FullSenate Staff Senate list - the full Staff Senate
Gvrn-StfSen-HumanRes Staff Senate list representing Human_Resources
Gvrn-StfSen-InfoServ Staff Senate list representing Information_Services
Gvrn-StfSen-Institutes Staff Senate list representing Institutes
Gvrn-StfSen-Law Staff Senate list representing Law
Gvrn-StfSen-Library Staff Senate list representing Library
Gvrn-StfSen-President Staff Senate President list
Gvrn-StfSen-PublicSaf Staff Senate list representing Public_Safety
Gvrn-StfSen-RelgLife Staff Senate list representing Religious_Life
Gvrn-StfSen-Secretary Staff Senate Secretary list
Gvrn-StfSen-SocialSer Staff Senate list representing Social_Services
Gvrn-StfSen-SptFin Staff Senate list representing Support-Finance
Gvrn-StfSen-SptServ Staff Senate list representing Support_Services
Gvrn-StfSen-StdAdmin Staff Senate list representing Student_Administration
Gvrn-StfSen-StdServ Staff Senate list representing Student_Services
Gvrn-StfSen-UnivAdmin Staff Senate list representing University_Adminstration
Gvrn-StfSen-UnivRel Staff Senate list representing Development
Gvrn-StfSen-VicePresident Staff Senate VicePresident list
IS-Library-TechTraining SCU Technology Training
IT-NetAdmin NetAdmin List
Law-1L-Students A mailing list for 1L Law Students
Law-Acad SCU Law Faculty, Deans, Fellows, and Academic Directors
Law-Centennial-Updates Law School Centennial Updates
Law-CGLP Mailing list for Center for Global Law Policy Events and Study Abroad Programs
Law-CGLP-Ext Mailing list for Center for Global Law Policy Events and Study Abroad Programs - External Addresses
Law-CHTLJ Center for High Technology and Law Journal
Law-Clinical-and-Experiential Clinical & Experiential Learning
Law-COL Law School Council of Leaders
Law-Deans Law School Deans
Law-DM Law School Digital Media staff list
Law-Emeritus Emeritus Faculty from SCU Law
Law-Faculty SCU Law Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty
Law-Friends-of-KGACLC Announcement List for Friends of the Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center (KGACLC)
Law-General-Announcements Law School General Announcement list
Law-Grads Law Students Expected to Graduate in Current Acad Year
Law-HelpDesk [no description available]
Law-HTLI High Tech Law Institute Mailing List
Law-HTLI-Campus [no description available]
Law-KGACLC-News Katharine and George Alexander Community Law Center (KGACLC) News list
Law-LARAW LARAW Faculty from SCU Law
Law-Lect SCU Law School Lecturers Fall 2015
Law-Library SCU Law Library Staff (disabled-now included in Law-Staff)
Law-LLM List for Law LLM Students
Law-LTAC-Consult-Students Law Technology Student Consultants
Law-LTAC-OPS-Students Law Technology Help Desk and Media Production Students
Law-NCIP-LegalStaff List for the NCIP Legal Staff
Law-NCIP-Staff NCIP Staff communication list
Law-Pedagogy Discussion list for pedagogy at Law Schools
Law-SBA For Law students wishing to receive updates from the Student Bar Association
Law-Staff SCU Law General Staff Mailing List
Law-Students Essential Messages to All Current Law School Students
Law-TAC Law Technology Staff List
Law-Visitor Visiting professors, lecturers, and fellows at SCU Law
LSB-AACSB [no description available]
LSB-All Leavey School of Business List
LSB-BusUGNews Undergraduate Business outreach
LSB-BusUGSeniors Business Seniors communications
LSB-Careers Leavey School of Business career information for students
LSB-Chairs [no description available]
LSB-Dean Business School Dean News
LSB-Deans-Office [no description available]
LSB-Economics-News Economics department news and communications to constitutents
LSB-Executive-Committee [no description available]
LSB-Faculty Business School faculty
LSB-Faculty-Adjunct A list for communications for LSB adjunct and faculty
LSB-FAI-Mail FAI News and Events
LSB-GBCarNews Graduate Business Career Newsletter
LSB-GBCM-Emplr Grad Business career outreach to employers
LSB-GBMBACar Graduate Career outreach for MBA students
LSB-GBMSECar Graduate Career outreach for MS Entrepreneurship students
LSB-GBMSFCar Graduate Career outreach for MS Finance students
LSB-Grad-BNews Graduate Business Student News
LSB-GradBiz Graduate Business Communications
LSB-GradBusAdm Graduate Business Admissions communications
LSB-GradBusStudents Graduate Business student news
LSB-GradIntl-Info Information for prospective international business students
LSB-GradIntl-Students News for international graduate business students
LSB-Headlines Leavey School of Business Electronic Newsletter
LSB-MBA-Admssn MBA Admissions communication
LSB-MBA-Info Outreach to prospective MBA students
LSB-MBA-News MBA newsletter
LSB-MBA-Students MBA student communications
LSB-Mindwork Leavey School of Business research news
LSB-MOBI LSB - My Own Business Institute Community
LSB-MOBI-Alumni LSB - My Own Business Institute Community Alumni
LSB-MS-Admissions Outreach to prospective MS students
LSB-MS-Info News from MS business programs
LSB-MS-News Communication to Business MS students, faculty
LSB-MSE-Admssn MSE Admissions communication
LSB-MSE-Info Outreach to prospective MSE students
LSB-MSF-Admssn MSF Admissions communication
LSB-MSF-Info Outreach to prospective MSF students
LSB-MSF-News MS Finance students newsletter
LSB-MSF-Students MS Finance Student Information
LSB-MSIS-Admssn MSIS Admissions communication
LSB-MSIS-Alumni MSIS Alumni
LSB-MSIS-Info Outreach to MSIS admitted students
LSB-MSIS-News Current MSIS student newsletter
LSB-MSIS-Student News for current MSIS students
LSB-News Leavey School of Business News List
LSB-RMI-News Retail Management Institute News
LSB-SBN-News Communication pool for Sports Business Network of Leavey School of Business
LSB-Staff Business School Staff communication list
MCAE-EnviroScholors Mailing list for Jesuit teachers in Environmental Studies for Research.
President-PSS-Invite An invited guest list for the 2012-13 president's speaker series receptions
Provost-ISS-Students ISS communication to SCU International Students
Provost-OSL-DisabRes Communications for students registered with Disabilities Resources
Provost-UGradStudies-ELSJNews Information for Faculty/Staff about the Experiential Learning for Social Justice (ELSJ) Undergraduate Core Curriculum requirement
SCU-Dining SCU Dining Services News distribution list
SCU-Faculty SCU Faculty General distribution list
SCU-Faculty-Essential SCU Faculty Essential distribution list
SCU-Grad-Essential SCU Graduate Essential distribution list
SCU-Grad-Events SCU Graduate Events distribution list
SCU-Illuminate-News News from Illuminate Website
SCU-Staff SCU Staff General distribution list
SCU-Staff-Essential SCU Staff Essential distribution list
SCU-Student-Events SCU Student Events distribution list
SCU-UGrad-Essential SCU Undergraduate Essential distribution list
TSP-All Technology Status List for New and Updated issues/outages of all severity levels
TSP-Announce-All Technology Status List for New and Updated issues of Announcements severity level
TSP-Announce-New Technology Status List for New issues of Announcements severity level
TSP-Critical-All Technology Status List for New and Updated issues of Critical severity level
TSP-Critical-New Technology Status List for New issues of Critical severity level
TSP-Info-All Technology Status List for New and Updated issues of Informational severity level
TSP-Info-New Technology Status List for New issues of Informational severity level
TSP-New Technology Status List for New issues/outages for all severity levels
TSP-Outage-All Technology Status List for New and Updated outages for all severity levels
TSP-Outage-New Technology Status List for New outages for all severity levels
TSP-Severe-All Technology Status List for New and Updated issues of Severe severity level
TSP-Severe-New Technology Status List for New issues of Severe severity level
WGST-Faculty Womens Gender Studies - Faculty
WGST-Students Womens Gender Studies - Students

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